UC Browser

UC Browser is a well-known web browser on mobile devices that is finally available on Windows as well. It is very similar to Chrome, but with some additional features and more customizable.

UC Browser joins the endless list of Chromium-based browsers, which explains its relative kinship with Google Chrome.

This means that normally you won’t have any problems in terms of web standards support. UC Browser scores similarly to Chrome in popular tests, although in some cases it scores a little lower. In any case, it also has an engine to view web pages as if it were Internet Explorer. You can also try UC Browser Mini, have you tried it?

Chrome also borrows extensions, which you can install directly from the Chrome store. It supports a lot of Chrome extensions, but not all of them.

Added features include UC Free WIFI, which shares your internet connection with your phone (or whatever you want) by creating a virtual access point.

In Windows UC Browser it blocks advertising using AdBlock lists. This function is not activated by default.

If you don't like it, change your T-shirt

uc browser

Many alternative browsers especially encourage customization of your look, and UC Browser is no exception. It even has a button to change the theme quickly.

UC Browser has few themes so far, but they are good quality and make a substantial difference to the look, unlike Google Chrome themes. The list of backgrounds is much larger, with hundreds of photos sorted by category.

As for the home screen, you have two to choose from: a classic one similar to the Opera quick marker, and another one made up of elegant bubbles. You can customize them with your favorite websites.

Better if you already use it on your phone


UC Browser for Windows is an interesting Chrome-based browser, with some additional features, configurable and easy to use.

However the overall package is not so impressive that you would throw Firefox or Chrome away for it, unless you are already a UC Browser user on your phone. As you'd expect, it gets along great with the UC Browser app and syncs tabs and bookmarks.

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