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UC Browser Mini is based on the classic UC Browser U2 kernel, specially designed for lovers of the UC Browser 8.7 version for Android.

Its fast, trouble-free navigation for Android mobile devices makes UCBrowser Mini apk an ideal tool for watching videos online.

The Download Manager in this browser provides you with a smart and fast way to download music and videos and to manage files in the best way on your mobile phone.

If you want to have a light and fast browsing experience, UC Mini is definitely the best mobile browser you can use.

On our website, you can download this web browser for free.

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Features of UC Browser Mini smooth

  • Small size: With just 1.1 MB you can enjoy the best web browsing experience.
  • Maximum speed: Surf at maximum speed, while saving on your data consumption.
  • Smart download: Multiple downloads, in seconds, you can even download to the cloud with reconnection.
  • Control of the videos by gestures: You can adjust the volume of your videos and control them with gestures.
  • Incognito mode navigation: Protect your privacy with this type of navigation.
  • Night mode: If you want to read comfortably at night, switch to night mode.
  • More options: QR codes, cloud download, data consumption control, network manager, disk storage, etc.

Other features

  • Accelerated navigation: Get faster presentation and delivery of web pages by compressing them on the server and preloading them in the background.
  • Add-on Platform: Remove or add add add-ons as needed for an advanced, personalized web browsing experience.
  • Download management: Robust download management, UC Mini Browser supports multitasking downloads and UDisk (Unalterable storage space on UCweb's own server).
  • Custom wallpapers and themes: Modify the appearance of your UC Browser by downloading wallpapers and themes from UC Theme Center.

Download UC Mini Browser

Official Download Link

Official Download Link

Additional information (UC Browser Fast Download)

Developer:  UCWeb Inc. (www.ucweb.com)

Last update:  06/09/2021

Last version:  11.1.3

Size:  2,8 MB

Facilities:  +100.000.000

Requires Android:  4.0 or higher

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