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Jio4GVoice is an application specially designed to benefit all users of the My jio voice network. If you have a Jio SIM card or a jio for g voice download or JioFi device, you can make calls, make video calls, send text messages or videos, chat online, etc.

Get jio 4g voice APK download now and access dozens of useful features that make this application a necessity, start now.

If you have a JioFi device and you haven't installed my jio voice call recorder on your mobile phone yet, you can't imagine what you're missing (hundreds of great features) don't wait any longer...

  1. Jio4GVoiceCall app (Features)
  2. Jio Voice Call app download
    1. Jio 4G voice Apk for Android
    2. Jio 4G Voice app for iPhone 5s
    3. Download Jio4gvoice for pc / Laptop [ Windows - Mac ]
    4. How to activate voice call in Jio SIM?
    5. Call recorder for Jio 4G Voice

Jio4GVoiceCall app (Features)

We recommend that you use the Jio SIM Card with your 4G phone to get free access to the dozens of features available to you, if you use your Jio SIM Card on a JioFi device you can access the web but you will miss out on many of the free features. All this can be avoided by installing jio for g voice app.

You can make video calls from one Jio network to another simply by using the jio 4g calling apps directly from your phone.

If you have a 4G phone but it does not support VOLTE features, you will not be able to make calls using your phone's keypad, you will need to install the application to make calls.

jio 3g voice

With the Jio 4g video you can also send and receive free instant messages or multimedia messages, send emoticons, pictures and much more for free.

Enhance your current call with a picture, location or message via RCS.

Imagine, you can share any content through chat, group chat and all while on a call through RCS (Rich Communication Services). You can access the chat and SMS in the same window. Also available with your VoLTE phone.

jio voice call activation allows you to connect up to 6 people at a time in a single call, allowing you to hold multiple conferences.

You can use the smart call feature to make calls without having to go directly into the application.

You can share text, multimedia, or any other format files by using the

jio 4g volte app also available for android 2G and 3G devices (The app can also work with jio 3g voice)

Create your own avatar by sharing stickers with your contacts.

Jio Voice Call app download

Version:  Jio calling download 5.0.6.multireg (jio voice update always available)

Download size:  For Android 34 MB / For iOS 168,7 MB

Developer: Reliance Jio Digital Services Private Limited

Requirement: Requires Android 4.1 and later versions /  iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Language: English/hindi/ etc.

Jio 4G voice Apk for Android

jio voice apk
  • Download and install the jio 4G voice call free file on your mobile phone - Official download link (From here)
  • We accept the terms of service and the latest available version of the app will be installed automatically.
  • We connect our Jio SIM card, open the application and it is ready to start enjoying it.

Jio 4G Voice app for iPhone 5s

  • Jio voice app is also available for IOS devices from the App store.
  • Let's go to the iTunes App Store - Official download link (from here).
  • We download and install the application, Don't worry, the download always starts with the latest version available.
  • Once installed we open the application and we can start sending text messages, voice, video calls etc. from our mobile phone Iphone or any other Appel device.

Download Jio4gvoice for pc / Laptop [ Windows - Mac ]

You can also download jio free voice call and use it on your PC or Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Mac laptop from the comfort of your home or elsewhere.

Important: You must have an active jio hd voice call connection for the application to work on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • The first thing is to have an Android system emulator downloaded to your computer. We know that Bluestacks is the one that has always given us good results and you can download it from its official website (from here).
  • Once the Bluestacks emulator is installed we can now run Android applications from our pc or laptop.
  • We downloaded Jio4GVoice APK from the links above, installed and ready, and we can use the smart dialer to make calls and video calls in hd without cost.

How to activate voice call in Jio SIM?

- On Android devices, after downloading the application and installing it, we insert our JIO SIM card into the JioFi device.

- We configure Jio4gvoice by connecting to the JioFi device and using the OTP code on the registered phone number.

- Jio4GVoice app cannot be configured with Jio SIM on JioFi - It will NOT work with JioFi on iOS phones.

- You can change your Jio4GVoice phone number easily by reconfiguring it by installing another Jio SIM card in your phone.

* Note: Please note that reliance Jio 4 voice new version 2017 only works when connected to the Jio LTE network. It is not configured for use with any public data network or WiFi.

Call recorder for Jio 4G Voice

Call Recorder for Jio 4G Voice can be downloaded on Android phones that support 11 api and more.

You can use your favorite browser to download and install the application as described above. Remember that you can also download 4G voice call recorder and run the application using an Android emulator.

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