My Jio App Download [APK - Latest / Old Version]

What is MyJio App APK and what can I use it for? My jio app free download will change your life, take you to a high speed digital world.

By accessing jio app download you will have access to and control over your high-speed data. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs to top up your number and manage your account.

After downloading and installing My Jio from here you can manage your entire account and access any of the options (Jio Music, Jio Cinema, Jio Tv, Jio Chat, Jio Money, Jio Securyti, Jio Cloud, etc).

If you have several jio apps installed, you can access them with a single login via the "link a new account" function. If you have multiple Jio services, you can link them to a single login using the "Link a new account".

You can also view your active 4G plan and its validity, check all the details of your calls, voice or text messages, data, for the last 6 months. As well as locating your nearest Jio store or Jio Net access points, you can also update your mobile phone number or email ID.

Access Jio's FAQs and experts with a single click. You can follow up on your queries through Jio Care.

You can perform an update of jio app every time it is available with a single click and always have the latest version installed.

Access the application: To log in to MyJio just click on the MyJio App icon and you will be logged in automatically. If you are not using a Jio SIM card you can log in using an OTP one-time password or by entering your Jio ID and password.

My Jio app download

Version:  my jio application 4.1.19

Download size:  For Android 33 MB / For iOS 97 MB

Available at:

Requirement: Requires Android 4.4 and later versions /  iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Discharges: 3.232.000 +

Language: English/hindi/ etc (Supports 22 languages)

jio app store

My Jio app download for Android

  • my jio app free download for Android devices is available from the Google Play Store.
    The application also supports NFC, SOS functions.
  • Go to Google Play and access my jio app apk - Official download link (from here).
  • We click on install.
  • The latest version of the app will be installed automatically.
  • On your phone you must have the installation from unknown sources option enabled (from configuration), if you already have this option checked, the installation will be enabled automatically.
  • Now you can access and enjoy what is undoubtedly the best application for making calls, watching online television, chatting, etc.
my jio old app

Jio iphone for iOS, iPae, iPod touch

  • Also available for iOS devices from the App Store.
  • Go to the iTunes App Store - Official download link (from here).
  • Click install, the download of the latest available version will start automatically.
  • Once installed you can open the application and start enjoying my jio app free download.

My Jio app for PC / Laptop [ Windows - Mac ]

  • You can also download the application for use on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Mac devices.
  • To do this we have to have downloaded and installed an android emulator on our pc or laptop as for example the Bluestacks you can download it from their official website (from here).
  • Once downloaded and installed Bluestacks we can now run Android applications from our pc.
  • Now we go to Bluestacks and look for "My jio app apk" or "my jio app old version download".
  • We started downloading My jio, you will need your mobile phone number handy (it will ask you).
  • You can now enjoy My jio aap from your PC or laptop.

How use MyJio app?

My Jio App - Highlights and features


Here's whcat you can do with the MyJio aap application.

  1. It has a friendly and intuitive design.
  2. You can manage your Jio app account and that of all your family or friends very easily, from your home without having to go to any specialized center.
  3. You can top up your Jio Online number. Simply log in to your My Jio application and use any vouchers you have or simply pay online securely. If for whatever reason you can't top up, don't worry, you will do it later, Jio will keep your account open and available at all times but will reduce the speed of uploading your data.
  4. You can even top up using My Jio offers.
  5. Buy, store and transfer your vouchers online.
  6. Get your Jio SIM online, no waiting and queuing, straight to your home.
  7. You can check your account status with a single click.
  8. If you have multiple accounts, you can manage them all from a single, just link your account information.
  9. The application automatically notifies you of your data consumption, so you are always in control.
  10. My jio app is like a small shopping mall where you always find everything you need. You always have the latest versions of all the Jio apps of the moment available.
  11. In the apps section we also find all the applications available for Reliance Jio users.
  12. Immediate access to Reliance Jio customer service by clicking on "Help" (FAQ and videos as above).
  13. If you need more help you can contact the experts at JioCare.
  14. All downloads available on your mobile phone in one click, Install, Download and start enjoying.
  15. If they are not, you can update all the apps when you download them.
  16. Get the latest offers and news about the My Jio app instantly.
  17. jio apps all Install and access all applications with may jio app.
  18. All functions available in real time.

* Note: Any questions you may have with MyJio you can stop by its YouTube channel where you have dozens of videos explaining how to do almost everything. The videos are in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malyalam.

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